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Build your mailing list and following on your website

Signup Form Setup

01. Customize

Use our builder to customize your email signup form

02. Embed

Copy your embed code & add it on your website

03. Manage

Manage and activate your new fan relationships

Get set up easily in just a few clicks—no coding required. Customize your form's layout, colors, fonts, and copy to match your aesthetic and voice.

Step 1: Customize your Signup Form

Once you’ve finished customizing your Signup Form, click on the ‘Copy Code’ button, paste it on your website, and you’re all set! Your visitors can now easily subscribe to your Emails/SMS lists, follow you on Bandsintown, and begin receiving your event alerts & posts.

Step 02: Embed your form

Access and manage the new fan contacts from your Email Signup Form from the Fans tab. Send direct messages to all your followers or by segment, view and download your contact list, and more from one convenient dashboard. Learn more about Fan Manager

Step 03: Manage & engage your fans

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Tap into 85+ million live music fans

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