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Own the moment.


Release pages make it easy to announce, build anticipation, and keep fans in the loop about new music, merch, tours, contests, and more.

How It Works

01. Customize your release page

Plug in your own image, description, call-to-action, and more.

02. Share it with fans

Post your release on socials and beyond to let fans sign up and stay in the loop

03. Collect emails & phone numbers

Track the growth of your RSVP list and message them any time

04. Seize the day

Fans who RSVPed will receive your personalized email when your Release is live.

Get Inspired

See how artists are using Releases to engage fans around their music, merch and tours.

Make every moment count

Give your music, merch and events the shine they deserve with a Release page.

Your releases, your fans, your terms

  • How does it work?
    Bandsintown's free drag-and-drop Email Builder lets artists create and send targeted emails to their fans. Start with a template or craft a personalized email from scratch to make an announcement, send a newsletter, or promote music, merch, tours, events, and more.
  • Can I import and export my contacts?
    Yes! Easily import and export your contacts anytime from the Fan Manager dashboard.
  • How do I grow my contact list?
    With an exceptional recommendation algorithm, Bandsintown is where 85 million music fans discover artists and live events. Aside from built-in discovery and growth, we offer several free tools that make it easy for artists to actively grow their fanbase and mailing list from their own website, socials, and other channels: Signup Form Widget & API Smart Link
  • How much does it cost?
    Bandsintown's Email Builder is free for independent artists, and includes unlimited contacts (per our Acceptable Use Policy). If you're a label, agency, or management company please contact us.
  • How do I get started?
    Log into your Bandsintown for Artists account and visit the Emails tab to get started.

Make waves with your new music

Streaming editors, algorithms, and press take notice when a new music release is making waves out of the gate. Build pre-release hype and get it directly to fans inboxes and phones the moment it hits.

Sell out shows faster

Use Release pages to build excitement with a splashy tour announcement and presale, or host a ticket giveaway to incentivize fans to join your mailing list.

Create merch moments

Build anticipation for your upcoming merch drop or launch an exclusive merch giveaway to boost audience growth and increase exposure for your existing merch line.

Still have questions? Visit our Help Center

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