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Email Builder


Email marketing

designed for musicians

Build and send emails your fans will love—for free.

*Our Email Builder was designed to support independent artists. If you're a label, agency, or management company please contact us. Check our Acceptable Use Policy for more details.

Unlimited Emails*

Unlimited contacts*

Easy to use

Customizable templates

Advanced targeting

Valuable insights

FREE no matter how many contacts you have or emails you send

Start with a template, or create your own from scratch.


Compared to social, email offers artists:

4x higher organic reach

Ownership of your fanbase

3x higher conversion rates

Full creative control

No unpredictable algorithms

Direct-to-fan connection

Why Email?

With email, you own your audience and have a direct line to the fans who want to support you, whether you're building a newsletter or just letting them know about a new song.


Preview & Test

Preview your email and send as many test emails as you need until it's just right.

Drafting & Scheduling

Not ready to send your email now? Schedule it for later or save it as a draft.

Audience Targeting

Target fans by location, event activity, and more to get the right message to the right people.

Smart Blocks

Add your event listings, streaming and social links, press photo, and more instantly.

Template Collection

Plug and play with curated templates expertly crafted by music marketers and designers.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Create emails in a simple but powerful interface with no coding skills—or use the HTML & CSS code editor.

Build and send emails your fans will love.

Your message, your way
delivered straight to your fans.