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Email Builder


Build and send emails your fans will love.

How it works

01. Build

Use the drag-and-drop builder to create your email from scratch or a template

02. Send

Select your target audience and schedule or send your email

03. Manage

Manage your email campaigns and view insights

Easily view all of your drafted, scheduled, and sent email campaigns from the Campaigns tab. Take full control of your campaigns with options to view, edit, duplicate, delete, and/or view insights for each email.

Step 03: Manage your email campaigns

Start building your mailing list and following with your Signup Form

To get started, visit the Emails tab within your Bandsintown for Artists dashboard. Select one of the customizable templates or select the "Build from scratch" option.

Step 01: Build your email

Step 02: Target and send your email

Once your audience targeting is all set, it's time to review your campaign, name and preview it, and then schedule or send it! 

Use the drag-and-drop builder to customize your email's messaging and look. Make sure to take advantage of the purple Smart Blocks to automatically pull your event listings, streaming and social links, and press photo from your Bandsintown account into your email.

If at any time you'd like to save your email as a draft and return to it later, simply click "Save and Exit" in the top right corner. It will be saved in the Drafts section within the Campaigns tab.

Once your email is built, you're just about ready to send it off to your fans. First though, you'll need to decide who you want to reach. Select your audience targeting based on the scope and goal of your campaign. 

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