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We give you access to new features before anyone else. You give us feedback.

Tell us what you think by filling in the survey that pops up while testing a new feature.





To gain access to th, you must have 100+ followers on Bandsintown. Please go to My Account and toggle on Early Access Program

What do I get access to?

Email Builder


Get ready to do more with your email marketing. Our free Email Builder lets you craft custom email campaigns, create targeted fan segments, easily plug in tour dates and music links, and much more.

What is the Early Access Program?

It’s our fancy way of inviting you to beta test upcoming Bandsintown for Artists features and tools. We give you early access and in return you share feedback so we can make improvements before releasing to the public.

Who can participate?

Anyone who has a Bandsintown for Artists account with at least one artist claimed and 100 or more followers.

How do I enroll and get started?

To gain access you must have 100+ followers on Bandsintown. Go to My Account and toggle on Early Access Program.

How do I provide feedback?

Once you have access to a new feature you will see a survey pop up at the bottom of the page. Please fill this survey in after test driving the feature.

Do I receive compensation?

This program is voluntary, and there is no compensation for your participation. That said, we greatly appreciate your participation and will be offering exclusive early access member giveaways and rewards in the future.

Is it confidential?

Yes, the early access features are Bandsintown confidential information. Please do not blog, post screen shots, tweet, or publicly post information about features you are granted early access to.

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How do I participate?

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