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Karol G 

Karol G is a Colombian singer-songwriter. In 2018, she won the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist and has been nominated for several Billboard Latin Music Awards.

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The Goal

Ahead of her Mañana Sera Bonita tour (the artist’s first U.S. stadium tour) Karol G and her team wanted to convert attention from this watershed moment into fan email addresses they could use to further market her future projects. 

The Play

To help drive conversions, the artist’s team installed the Follow button on her tour website ahead of the October 3rd announcement of the Latin American leg of the tour. 


When Karol G shared the website link on her social channels, her website experienced a noticeable surge in traffic. 


Everyone who visited her website for more information about the tour was able to easily follow her on Bandsintown and join her mailing list to be notified of upcoming shows, as well as her label’s mailing list to be notified of upcoming releases, all in about 30 seconds, without leaving her website.

The Results

By simply adding the button to her site, Karol G collected 46,244 unique email addresses in the month of October alone–more than 1 in 4 of the 171,746 unique visitors to her site during that time chose to join her mailing list via the Follow button and email opt-in form. 


Her team now have that many more direct fan contacts which can be leveraged to promote future shows, music, merch, and anything in between, helping them engage fans more effectively without the challenges social media can present. 


The tools Karol G’s team used are available to artists of all sizes on Bandsintown for Artists. Add the Follow button to your website and start collecting new fan emails today.

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