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Fan Reward

Playbook Tactic

What to expect


  • Unreleased song previews

  • Unreleased demos

  • Handwritten lyrics

  • Pre-sale access to new releases

  • Discounts on vinyl or CDs

  • Stems

  • Opportunity to input on music in progress


  • Behind the scenes or outtake clips

  • Personal videos from your home life

  • First looks at new music videos

  • Personalized shoutouts in your videos

  • Opportunity to choose your next video


  • Exclusive or limited edition merch

  • Signed merch items

  • Buttons, pins, or stickers

  • Pre-sale access to new merch drops

  • Exclusive discounts on merch

  • Opportunity to vote on merch designs


  • Guest list or VIP access to local shows

  • Set lists from shows

  • Meet & greets

  • Dinner before a local show

  • Exclusive live streams

  • Opportunity to vote on set lists


  • Limited edition NFTs

  • Opportunity for BITs/POAP from your shows

  • One-on-one tutorials or lessons

  • Personal video calls

  • Social media follows

  • Birthday shoutouts

  • Q&As

How it works

01. Choose your fan reward

Once you've decided what to offer, it's time to let your fans know.

Share a message from the heart about what your fans mean to you, and don't forget to plug in details about what you're offering, including an image (if applicable), details on the value of the reward, and when and how fans will receive it.

Once the email is ready to go, choose a target audience and let it fly. You can either send it instantly or schedule it to go out at a later time.

View your email stats

Go to the Campaigns section to view the Open Rate and Click-Thru Rate for the emails you sent promoting your fan loyalty reward.

View your social media stats

Go to the Insights section to view the Bandsintown / Social Media Followers gained during your fan loyalty reward promotion.

View your Posts stats

While in the the Insights section, click the tab labeled "Posts" to check the the number of people that viewed your posts relevant to your fan reward on your Bandsintown artist profile.

Reward your most loyal fans

The Tools

Step-by-Step Guide

Stronger fan connections

More fan engagement

Happy people

02. Share your fan reward

03. Learn from the data

Spread the love around by rewarding your most loyal fans with our free artist tools. Things like merch discounts, exclusive music previews, pre-sale access to shows, one-on-one video calls, or personal lessons are all great incentives to show your fans you appreciate them and keep them coming back for more.

The most effective rewards are meaningful to fans, easy to be shared digitally, and exclusive to them — offering something that is not available to the general public will really make them feel special.

Here's some reward ideas to get you started:

After you've shared the goods, it's time to measure the impact. Were fans excited about the offering? Did the reward result in an increase in followers? How many people opened the email and engaged with it? Did anyone share the news on their own socials? Study the effects of the campaign to learn how to improve future campaigns.

Post on Bandsintown

To get started, visit the Home tab within your Bandsintown for Artists dashboard. To reach your followers, make sure the box next to the Bandsintown logo is checked.

Type your message into the text area, and click Preview in the bottom right corner to view how your post and notifications will look to your fans.

Share your post to reach your Bandsintown followers in their feeds, and they'll also receive email and push notification alerts if they're opted in. Your post will also be featured on your artist page.

Head over to the Email Builder and then select the Announcement template or build a new email from scratch with our easy drag-and-drop editor.

Send an email via Bandsintown’s Email Builder

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