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Fan Manager


Grow, manage, and engage your audience

How it works

01. Build

Build audience & collect fan data on your website or using your Smart Link

02. Manage

Access and manage your fan relationships from a centralized dashboard

03. Activate

Reach and activate your fans on and off of Bandsintown.


  • Embed our free, fully-customizable Widget, API, or Signup Form on your website

  • Share your Bandsintown Smart Link across your marketing channels

Visitors who click the Follow or Request a Show buttons on your website or Smart Link subscribe to receive your automated event alerts & personalized direct messages, and provide their first-party data (name, location, email). Copy can be customized to your liking (e.g. Subscribe, Get Newsletter)

Step 1: Build or import your fan contacts

Access and manage your fan relationships in the Fan Manager dashboard. Email your fans, search and export your contact list, and more from one convenient dashboard.

Step 02: Manage your fan relationships

Start building your audience & selling out shows with your Smart Link now

Step 03: Activate your audience

Whether you want to build deeper fan connections , increase sales, or drive streams, you can activate your fan relationships anytime to achieve your goals.

  • Market your tour, events, or livestreams

  • Promote new music, merch, and content

  • Keep your fans in the loop with your newsletter

  • Reward your fans with contests & giveaways


Use our free Email Builder (Beta) to send custom emails your fans will love. Or export your contacts and bring them to your platform of choice.


Reach your followers in their feeds (and via email and push notifications) by posting on Bandsintown.

Targeted Ads

Export your contacts to create retargeting and lookalike fan audiences on Facebook & other ad platforms.

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