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Widgets et amp; API

Créez votre liste de diffusion et collectez les informations de contact des fans pour rester connecté

Aidez les fans à découvrir vos événements

With our free tools you can easily grow your email list from your own website, on Bandsintown, and beyond.

Augmenter l'engagement

Apportez votre liste de contacts préexistante ou transférez votre collecte de données sur Bandsintown vers votre plateforme préférée.

Vendre plus de billets

Access and manage your contacts and followers from an artist-friendly dashboard.

Vendre plus de billets

Engage your fans with custom targeted email campaigns, posts, and push notifications.

Augmenter l'engagement

Des analyses détaillées vous aident à mesurer l’impact et à obtenir des informations exploitables sur les fans.

Followers & Contacts

Contacts are Bandsintown followers who also opted in to share their contact info with you and join your mailing list. Learn more about each below:

Source des fans

Site Web Bandsintown et amp; application
Outils d'artiste Bandsintown


Gratuit et illimité

Gratuit et gratuit illimité

Site Web Bandsintown et amp; application
Outils d'artiste Bandsintown
Importation manuelle par artiste

Engagez-vous via Email Builder
Engagez-vous via des publications
Alertes d'événements automatisées

inscription requise

Importer et amp; exporter
Accéder aux données de première partie

inscription requise

Own your data
Unlimited contacts
First-party data
Actionable insights

Personnaliser et personnaliser intégrez votre widget maintenant

  • How does it work?
    Bandsintown's free drag-and-drop Email Builder lets artists create and send targeted emails to their fans. Start with a template or craft a personalized email from scratch to make an announcement, send a newsletter, or promote music, merch, tours, events, and more.
  • Can I import and export my contacts?
    Yes! Easily import and export your contacts anytime from the Fan Manager dashboard.
  • How do I grow my contact list?
    With an exceptional recommendation algorithm, Bandsintown is where 85 million music fans discover artists and live events. Aside from built-in discovery and growth, we offer several free tools that make it easy for artists to actively grow their fanbase and mailing list from their own website, socials, and other channels: Signup Form Widget & API Smart Link
  • How much does it cost?
    Bandsintown's Email Builder is free for independent artists, and includes unlimited contacts (per our Acceptable Use Policy). If you're a label, agency, or management company please contact us.
  • How do I get started?
    Log into your Bandsintown for Artists account and visit the Emails tab to get started.


Tap into 85+ million live music fans

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