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Bandsintown for Artists
Early Access Program

Here's the deal

We give you access to new features before anyone else. You give us feedback.

No features currently eligible

Please check back in later

01. Get Access

To gain access you must have 100+ followers on Bandsintown. Please go to My Account and toggle on Early Access Program

02. Share Feedback

Tell us what you think by filling in the survey that pops up while testing a new feature.

How do I participate?


Team Management

Get ready to invite your team to collaborate on your artists on Bandsintown in just a few clicks with our new Team Management feature.

  • Add and remove users of any artist page you manage

  • Control users access levels (Admin, Editor, Viewer)

  • Get alerted when someone requests access to your artist pages

With this update, it will be easier than ever for you and your team to login and leverage Bandsintown’s powerful free artist marketing suite for your tours, releases, and everything in between.


Let fans RSVP for your next release to be notified the moment it drops.

  • Customizable release landing pages

  • Personalized direct messages sent to fans

Drop anything. Music, albums, merch, tickets, giveaways and more.


  • How does it work?
    Bandsintown's free drag-and-drop Email Builder lets artists create and send targeted emails to their fans. Start with a template or craft a personalized email from scratch to make an announcement, send a newsletter, or promote music, merch, tours, events, and more.
  • Can I import and export my contacts?
    Yes! Easily import and export your contacts anytime from the Fan Manager dashboard.
  • How do I grow my contact list?
    With an exceptional recommendation algorithm, Bandsintown is where 85 million music fans discover artists and live events. Aside from built-in discovery and growth, we offer several free tools that make it easy for artists to actively grow their fanbase and mailing list from their own website, socials, and other channels: Signup Form Widget & API Smart Link
  • How much does it cost?
    Bandsintown offers each artist 10,000 free emails per month through the Email Builder. Additional emails can be purchased for $0.002 per email—that’s 500 emails for just $1.00. Learn more in our Acceptable Use Policy. If you are a label, agency, or management company and/or you anticipate sending a high volume of emails, please contact our Artist & Label Partnerships team.
  • How do I get started?
    Log into your Bandsintown for Artists account and visit the Campaigns tab to get started.
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