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Add social and streaming links to your Bandsintown page

Adding your website, social, and streaming links to your page will help improve your overall visibility through our intelligent discovery recommendation algorithm, driving new fans to your Bandsintown page and other channels and converting them to followers.

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Create your Signup Form

Collect first-party data like emails and phone numbers to build your direct marketing lists and cut through the noise of social media with the free and customizable Signup Form. Visitors who click the Follow or Request a Show buttons on your website or Smart Link will be subscribed to receive your automated event alerts and personalized direct messages, and you'll receive their name, location, email, and maybe even phone number if you're lucky.

Use your Follow Button

The Follow Button is a convenient way to convert fans and website visitors into followers with one click, without driving them away from your website. Once fans become followers, you message or email them directly, and they’ll be notified of any new shows or events you announce. Customize and add the button anywhere on your website where your other social or streaming links are displayed and make sure the button is switched on in your Events Widget and Smart Links too.

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you're on your way to growing your audience, finding the right fans, and selling out more shows. For more advanced strategies, take a look at our Fan Growth & Management Playbook.


Add the Widget to your site 

The Events Widget seamlessly showcases your Bandsintown page information as well as any upcoming shows you may have on your website. It’s free to use, easily customizable to match your aesthetic, and makes it easy for fans to RSVP, buy tickets and set reminders for your events, follow you on Bandsintown, or request you to play in their area. Even without any shows on your schedule, the Widget is a great way to gain new followers and see where you’re most in-demand. Any updates you make to your Bandsintown page are automatically reflected in the widget. 

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Share your Smart Link

Keep your customizable Smart Link visible on all of your social media bios, info sections, and email footers, and make sure to share it regularly through posts and messages on those channels as well. The Smart Link drives fans to a landing page where they can view your upcoming events, buy tickets, RSVP, request a show, follow you across all of your channels, and even share their email or phone number with you. Whether you have upcoming shows listed or not, the Smart Link is another great way to convert fans to followers, build up your email or text subscriber list to market future events, and see where fans most want you to play.

Step 05

Visit the Insights page to learn more about your audience better and optimize your marketing by assessing demand by location, measuring campaign performance, and identifying new trends and opportunities. Look at key performance indicators to see how many new fans you've gained each day, new fan retention rates, and more.

Analyze and optimize

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Learn more with the Signup Form Tutorial.

Follow the instructions in this article to set up your Follow Button.

Check out the Widget Tutorial for help installing it on your website.

Check out the Smart Link Tutorial.

Check out your insights here.

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