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The Goal

After a few years offstage during the pandemic, Florence + the Machine announced a major live comeback with their Dance Fever tour and wanted to amplify their tour marketing around this defining moment.

Gestionnaire de fans



The Play

To boost ticket sales and create excitement around their tour, Florence + the Machine utilized Bandsintown for Artists tools to host an exclusive RSVP contest. 

The band promoted the contest by posting on Bandsintown, driving traffic to their customized Smart Link where fans could RSVP and share their information with band. They also launched a Promoted Email which was embedded with their tour dates. Fans who RSVPd to a show were automatically entered to win two free tickets. Additionally, the band shared their Smart Link directly on social media.
The contest lasted only 24 hours, encouraging fans to act fast.

The Results

The Promoted Email was delivered to 1M+ fans with a 5.3% CTR, driving over 53k clicks. The Bandsintown post prompted an additional 418k opens with an 7.9% CTR driving 33.1k clicks. 
In just five days, the contest drew substantial engagement from their fanbase, generating 23,400 ticket clicks, 15.5k new contact signups including name, email, and location, 12.2k new Bandsintown followers, and 12.3k+ RSVPs. 

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